Wednesday, August 22, 2007

slow progress

this was my lunch yesterday... the most picture-perfect grilled cheese ever (shown pre-grill, hence the lumps of butter!) with tomatoes and basil from colleen's garden. the bumblebee is from yesterday's walk; the cloudy light made most colors more drab, but bright colors like flowers seemed extra intense! i love that.

i don't have a ton to show today as i spent most of my time making a pattern for this jacket (which has been in my sketchbook for quite a while!) and then cut it out of fleece and it took forever to mark the placement of all those pin-tucks with pins. but i am very eager to see how it works, as i've never planned out a pattern from the beginning to incorporate pin-tucks; i usually use them as a shaping technique once a garment is finished. but for this jacket, the tucks will create ALL of the shaping (as you can see in the cut piece, the pattern is basically square). i should be able to get it sewn tomorrow but first i want to finish the tunic...

the pants photo is very unflattering, partly because they are about a size too small for me. but mostly i made them as a test sample and i am very pleased with the pattern in general. i think it's going to make a great class!

i also finished the crochet bonnet which looks pretty darn cute i think... and started this earwarmer style from the same book.
this evening i took a little break to go to a yoga class at the Sadhana Center right here on Warren Street. it was lovely; reminded me a lot of Kula (coincidentally also on Warren Street!) in Tribeca, where i used to go. i love the Y but i forgot how nice it is to go to a 'real' yoga studio where the yogis give you lots of personal attention, like little massages and hands-on adjustments.

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OUCH life is going to suck completely...i will be in utter's painful to see your radness and know that I will be 4 hours away from it PAINFUL...may i please put my order in for a coat now? OH CAL OH CAL summer 07' bummer 07' already missing you.