Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i heart hudson

so far my retreat has been pretty cold and rainy; it never made it much above 60 degrees out today. but this afternoon i decided to go for a little walk anyway, since i'd been sewing all day. i love the houses and industrial buildings of hudson, and the various states ranging from decay to elaborate renovation. even though ultimately i want to live in a slightly more rural setting, with at least a few acres so i can have a big organic vegetable garden and a few chickens (and maybe some bunnies, sheep, goats and alpacas but we'll see...) it is very tempting to consider buying an old dress factory or warehouse or quirky victorian house. it's unbelievable how much of this town is for sale, and the architecture is so fascinating... on my short walk (i was out less than an hour and that included a good fifteen minutes browsing in the old books store, where i bumped into parker posey and gertie met her dog, gracie!) i somehow managed to take over 50 photos, without even trying.

the roofs of these two houses totally overlap into each other... i am so curious how the builders approached this? and which came first?

ok, back to my projects: i did finish the pants, but forgot to take a pic before it got too dark. will post them tomorrow. also nearly finished my second Built by You tunic, since i've been wearing the first one to death! and the bonnet is coming along; it still needs a few rows of edging and decreasing to give it some shape, but i tried it on and it looks pretty cute.... i promise better photos of everything tomorrow, before the light fades!

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