Monday, December 31, 2007


so, on this last day of 2007, i am reviewing my achievements for the year. the blog makes for a very handy reference to remind myself of what has taken place. i didn't post a list of resolutions here last year (but i do plan to begin that tradition tomorrow!) but i did write them on a piece of paper, which somehow is not lost in the piles of papers strewn and nestled around my apartment...

- one thing i had written on that list was to push myself to utilise my skills beyond the very simple capacity that i had been sticking to for years. i am quite proficient at sewing, crochet, and patternmaking, but tend to be very lazy about challenging myself beyond the simple projects that come naturally to me (usually focusing more on the special embellishment effects that are added on last, rather than planning and executing more complicated styles from the beginning). drafting new patterns, making PANTS, and incorporating some freeform into my crochet are all ways that i have expanded my own parameters this year, and i look forward to continuing this process in 2008. a bonus is that my repertoire of classes has expanded as well!

- another goal i had set for myself this year was to start contributing patterns/projects to magazines. this is one of the steps that will allow me to achieve my dream of moving upstate, as it is a way i can earn income that does not depend on being here in the city. this year i developed 4 patterns for Crochet Today, did one sewing project for Cutting Edge (which sadly ceased publication before my piece was used) and another sewing project for Adorn. not bad!

- my two major selling events, Renegade in june and Craftacular in december, were both smashingly successful: i exceeded last year's sales by 100%. i attribute this to having fewer styles offered, with wide selections (all one-of-a-kind of course) in each style. in the summer i sold lots of sun hats, sleeveless tops, leggings and cotton wraps, and in winter i sold woolly wraps, tunics, crochet hats and dog sweaters. in the past my assortment was just a variety of one-off pieces which i think is harder for people to digest, especially in the context of an overwhelming craft fair!

- i extricated myself from a very unhealthy business relationship, which had been dragging on far too long, and though at first this freaked me out a little (it had been my biggest source of income the previous year), i quickly found several new ones that are infinitely better. i now teach at 4 venues in brooklyn, all so different from one another, and i love each and every one dearly: treehouse, brooklyn general, home ec, and the etsy labs.

- in november of '06 i joined the Greenpoint YMCA, after years of saying i didn't believe in gyms because they're so unnatural and i'd rather be hiking on a mountain, hoeing my garden or building a fence to get exercise. well, aside from walking, which i do a lot of but not nearly as much as i used to, the fact is that there are no mountains, gardens or fences in new york and we do need to USE our muscles in order to keep strong and healthy. so i'm proud to report that i am still going an average of 4 times a week, either to a class (step, yoga, or pilates) or to use the elliptical machines and weights. and i am much stronger, leaner (20 pounds, actually!) and fitter than i was a year ago.

- my proudest and most exciting accomplishment of the year is something i still feel superstitious about announcing, but as soon as the details are a bit more concrete you all will be the first to know!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry merry!

gertie and i just wanted to wish y'all a very merry holiday! we are in ohio, eating lots of cookies. my mom just opened her wrap and is figuring out all the ways to wear it, and we're waiting for my sis and nieces to come over when the mayhem will begin! hope you're somewhere cozy and peaceful, with the all the creatures you love...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

last chance!

this saturday, 12/15 will be your last chance to see the hodge podge traveling shop, where you can fondle the goods (and gertie!) live and in person. come by and say 'hi' if you're in the neighborhood; we'd love to see you! i will be sharing a space with the super rad callie of church of craft fame and glory. note: gertie and i won't actually be there in the flesh until 1:45 or 2, so if it's us you want, come a little later in the afternoon ;o)

for the full list of participating designers, with links and pics of their work, look over here...

Monday, December 10, 2007


well, i am slowly recovering from the frenzy that was the 2007 BUST Craftacular! i shared a booth with the radiant nan and her jewelry (that's her above, as well as me looking less than radiant!) and despite the fact that it was a VERY long and overwhelming (especially after only 2 hours' sleep) day and i am still hoarse from yelling over the music, i'd have to call it a whopping success! i set a new personal sales record, and even sold a dress to a certain adorable genius pictured below (hint: it's not Blythe!)

thanks to xine for some of these pics! see lots more here...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


well it's 28 degrees outside, but a steamy 82 here inside hodge podge headquarters! i know that doesn't sound very 'green' but honestly, i have no control over the temp in here... these old radiators are overly efficient. i'm not complaining though!

so i am finishing as many pieces as i can for Craftacular on saturday. these are just few lil' sneak peeks to tide you over; i'm experimenting with some new hat shapes like the bonnet (below) and this sort of 20's flapper style (above) that looks almost like a hairdo.

this is my new shirt shape; it works as a dress too and i've made them in knits, wovens and knit with woven yoke. i brought 5 of them to Treehouse last month and all but one have sold, so i guess people like the shape! i want a denim one myself...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

i'm IT

i've been tagged by lena. i'm not entirely sure what it means but fortunately she posted the rules and procedure so i know what to do...

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. i did most of my 'growing up' (ha) in rural novelty, ohio. i often credit the lack of *novelty* there with becoming a creative person.
2. i have had nearly every kind of (relatively common) pet, without venturing too deeply into the reptile category: dogs, cats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, a guinea pig, rabbits, turtles, shrimp, chicks (never made it to chickens though), fish, frogs, salamanders, crayfish, toads, sea monkeys, a parakeet, a pony, and a horse.
3. i rarely sketch or plan things out before i make them. usually i just start cutting, sewing, printing, embroidering, crocheting... and whatever else it takes until it's done! often the end result is completely different than what i expected. i love that.
4. i've been making things and selling them since i was a little girl. my sister and i used to paint rocks and take them door to door in our wagon. sometimes people would give us money but not want a rock. my mom was mortified that we did this.
5. i have no favorite color. i think every color is the best color for
something. the only color i dislike is black.

i tag: kayte, alisa, kim, amylou and kaitlyn.