Thursday, August 23, 2007

burro's tail, over 55 years old

the tunic is finished, more progress on the ear warmer, and the jacket is looking fantastic, but as usual i didn't manage to get photos taken before daylight ended, so i'll have to wait until morning to show you! in the meantime, more scenes from my walking tours of historic hudson...
one of the fun things i've been doing while i'm up here, that i keep forgetting to mention, is getting caught up on all of my podcasts. usually while working at home i listen to wnyc all day, but the NPR station that comes in around here plays classical music. so instead i've listened to a whole slew of episodes of geek farm life (my personal favorite!), brit knit cast and the splendid table, which always makes me very, very hungry.

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kayte said...

your retreat sounds fantastic! i need to make time like that for myself- i think you have inspired me.
also, thanks for introducing me to geek farm life. i listen to wnyc all day too but it's always nice to get perspective on the world outside of new york!