Tuesday, August 26, 2008

egyptian embroidery at the Brooklyn Museum

earlier this month, i taught a free workshop on Egyptian blackwork embroidery at the Brooklyn Museum. i would have posted beforehand to invite you all to it, but it filled up months in advance so i didn't want to tease you! i was assisted by KIM and siri, who kindly took these pics...

the class took place right in the beautiful, bright atrium inside the main entrance, and i think everyone had a great time! the museum offers this series of 'creative art making' workshops every other month, so if you live in nyc you might want to sign up for their e-mail list.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

summer SALE in my etsy shop!

i am having a big SUMMER SALE in the hodge podge etsy shop right now, prices are slashed!!! some of these are from past seasons, and i need to clear off my shelves to make room for fall, so check out the bargains. i will also FINALLY be posting some cotton summer/transitional wraps over the next week or two; perfect year-round in warmer climates, and i'll hold off on the woolies until september.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

'cept for us dogs... andros chapter 7

ok, thanks for bearing with me on the sporadic blogging of late, not to mention the eternally slow posts of the vacation which was back in, uh, april! i have an excellent excuse for my seeming slackerness, which i promise to divulge very soon...

anyway, i have always loved places where dogs can roam free, and be independent citizens. you know, like in Lady and the Tramp. and andros is one of those places. like you come 'round a corner, and coming the other way is a canine who's clearly on his way somewhere, with no time to talk. handsome mullet, king of the pack, is pete's dog and accompanied us on most of our adventures. he seems to have a pretty good life.

mullet's girlfriend, much to pete's chagrin (he thinks mully could do better), is nubby. they could often be seen making out on the beach or hunting for crabs. one time nubby swam way out to our boat as we were taking off on a little excursion, because you-know-who was in the boat with us. but pete wouldn't let her come aboard, and she had to swim back to shore solo. it was heartbreaking for a softie like me!

this is bob, a neighbor dog who tended to show up whenever i sat on the beach to crochet. he was good company, as long as i scratched his ears every now and then. and once we saw him duck into the bushes with nubby, but don't tell mullet!