Thursday, August 30, 2007

back to school!

yes, after this holiday weekend it'll be that time of year, the one that feels just as much like a 'new year' as january does... maybe even more? it's most definitely a time of new beginnings: a new school year (no matter if we don't actually GO to school, we just FEEL it!) a new season, the desire for new clothes, new shoes, a new coat, a new haircut, the instinct to start nesting and baking and hoarding acorns, and quite likely the itch to learn something NEW!

well, why not combine some of those urges and learn to sew? then you can make your own new wardrobe, piece by piece! my beginner class at Brooklyn General will get you sewing and you'll complete a wrap skirt that's all your own! their selection of prints is mind-boggling, so the hardest part is choosing what to use for your first skirt. classes begin september 4th so check your calendar and sign up NOW, before all the spaces are filled...

Sewing 101
Four 2-hour classes
This class will teach you all the basics: how a sewing machine works, cutting from a pattern, and how to sew a simple wrap skirt. With these techniques, you’ll be on your way to stitching up all kinds of projects!

Materials: 2 yds light- to medium-weight woven fabric, 1 pkg extra-wide, double fold bias tape to match, thread to match, scissors, pins and pincushion, seam ripper, tailor’s chalk.
Session A: Tues, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm, 9/4, 11, 18, 25
Session B:
Wed, 11 am-1 pm, 9/12, 19, 26, 10/3
Session C:
Sat 11 am to 1 pm, 10/6, 13, 27, 11/3

to register, please call the shop at 718–237–7753 (leave a message!) or email us at you must register in advance in order to insure a spot in the class.

to see the complete schedule of offerings at Brooklyn General, (i'm also teaching crochet, embroidery, and 'altered states', plus they have classes in knitting and quilting too) look here.

Monday, August 27, 2007

back to brooklyn

well, my little retreat is over and i'm back in brooklyn. saturday was hot and humid so we spent the day swimming and shade-bathing at lovely taghkanic state park.

i finished both of the tote bags from lotta's book; i think they will make great class projects for brooklyn general. gertie totally inserted herself as a prop in this photo... she's a natural stylist and model.

colleen made tomato marmalade! it tastes just like marmalade, but tomato-y. she sent me home with a jar so i can keep eating it and remembering hudson...

she also made this unbelievably gorgeous tomato tart. it tasted even better than it looks, and that's saying a lot. it had goat cheese and a cracked-pepper-and-parmesan crust, but it's hard to believe it's not a fruity, sweet dessert isn't it? yum...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

grilled pizza

all summer colleen and alon have been perfecting the art of making pizza on the grill, and i just want to tell everyone that it is pure heaven! the flavors just blossom and it's so fast and easy...

the first step is to put the dough (patted into rounds and coated with olive oil) on the grill to cook the crust. we've been using store-bought dough (my beloved trader joe's makes a good herb-and-garlic one) to save time, and i don't think homemade could really be any better...

once the crust is cooked through (just a few minutes) you can add the sauce and toppings and then in a few more minutes YOU'VE GOT PIZZA!

we've tried a spinach/goat cheese/cream cheese sauce topped with spinach and cherry tomatoes; pesto, mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes; grilled veggies, sauteed mushrooms, and every combo of sauce, and cheese... i really don't think you can go wrong! try it out, maybe this weekend?

Friday, August 24, 2007

wrapping up

yum! it's tomatopalooza... i'm in love with these orange tomatoes; they're super sweet.

here's the tunic (built by you #3964) by light of day; i love it so much i'm still wearing it! and here's a pic of how the pin-tucks give shape to the jacket back before it's put together...

...and here it is all finished! i added pockets, but otherwise it looks just like the sketch.

well, my solo week comes to a close this evening, when colleen and alon return for the weekend. it'll be nice to have some company again! colleen has many plans involving tomatoes, and i look forward to sampling them all!
i cut out 2 tote bags from lotta jansdotter's book, simple sewing today, the 'simple tote' and the 'all-day tote'. we're thinking of using them for sewing class projects at brooklyn general. speaking of which, the september schedule is posted, and home ec has also put up their new classes (details below). i'll be teaching sewing and crochet at b.g. and patternmaking at h.e. with lots more to come over the next few months! classes begin right after labor day so check 'em out if you're interested...

Pattern Making with Cal Patch September 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th from 6:30-8:30.
Pattern Class If you can sew, you're most likely itching to make your own patterns so that you can design your own clothes from scratch. We'll show you how to take your own measurements and use them to draft patterns for a basic t-shirt and skirt that fit YOUR body! Then we'll take those slopers and stylize them to fit your vision, as well as learn to make patterns from existing garments. Soon you'll be stitching up a whole new wardrobe!

***This is an intermediate class so some sewing experience is necessary***

There are 4 class sessions each lasting 2 hours. Classes are Friday September 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. The cost is $240. See Supply List Below.
Supplies needed:
*a roll or pad of newsprint, drawing, wrapping or patternmaking paper, at least 14"
*see-through 18" ruler
*hip curve or french curve
*tape measure
*pencil and sharpener (or mechanical pencil)
*scotch tape
*scissors (for paper)
*push pins
*safety pins
*1 yard of muslin or similar inexpensive woven fabric
*1 1/2 yds of t-shirt jersey or similar knit

Call 718-852-2889 to sign up or email with your phone # and we'll call you to take your payment.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

burro's tail, over 55 years old

the tunic is finished, more progress on the ear warmer, and the jacket is looking fantastic, but as usual i didn't manage to get photos taken before daylight ended, so i'll have to wait until morning to show you! in the meantime, more scenes from my walking tours of historic hudson...
one of the fun things i've been doing while i'm up here, that i keep forgetting to mention, is getting caught up on all of my podcasts. usually while working at home i listen to wnyc all day, but the NPR station that comes in around here plays classical music. so instead i've listened to a whole slew of episodes of geek farm life (my personal favorite!), brit knit cast and the splendid table, which always makes me very, very hungry.