Thursday, August 09, 2007

ACC talk

i just returned a few days ago from a 10-day escape from nyc (more about that over the next few days) but the night before i left town was my talk, with callie of church of craft, at the american craft council in their awesome library filled with craft books...

amy shaw of greenjeans wrote an excellent recap of the evening. she will be speaking next month (with rena tom of rare device) for the last installment of the summer salon series.
i was very nervous as it was the first time i've been asked to speak in front of an audience, but the ACC peeps were very warm and welcoming, and i think it went really well! thanks to the gracious director (and new editor-in-chief of American Craft Magazine) andrew wagner for introducing us and for sharing these photos!

the buffet was very popular, both before and after the talk!

that's amy (on the left) checking out some of the incredible books we had pulled out from the library shelves. and there's pat o'keefe of the museum of art and design, with jeannette of the ACC who recorded us for their site. as soon as it's up i'll post a link.

all in all it was a really fun and inspiring evening; the turnout was great (standing room only!) and the crowd was a lovely eclectic mix of artists and craftspeople. i met some really cool people like reina mia brill (who makes sculptures using knitted wire) and others who i already can't remember...!

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