Saturday, June 30, 2007

renegade reviews

there are many reviews of RCF out there in blogland, and i keep seeing all these great pictures of stuff i somehow missed in real life (it's amazing what a combo of sleep deprivation and total overstimulation can do!)
i'm sure you've all seen the Times article by now, which some found to be offensive. but hey, i've been known to poke fun at a hipster or two myself now and then; living in williamsburg you kinda just have to!

comfies has some great photos of her faves from the fair... i love those sweet critters from fern animals, and the tea towels are so bright and cheerful but she can't remember who made them, so if you know, please leave a comment so she can give credit! she also shot some pics of my lovely assistant gertie, and bought this tweedy little amigurumi from traveling rhinos.

greenjeans also wrote a fun recap with lots of photos (the above 4 are hers)... somehow i totally missed the traveling rhinos and year of the goat booths filled with fibery goodness (though siri did bring me a little sparkly fluff present from the t.r. booth) and all of these beautious ceramics (little flower designs on the left and white bike ceramics on right). i always regret not shopping more at these events, but i am just never in the right frame of mind and barely leave my booth at all.

the delightful andrea of flygirls interviewed me for a webisode; i will surely post a link as soon as that's up but in the meantime you can see her pics here.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

renegade roundup

well, renegade is here and gone yet again, and this year was by far my best ever! though i had my hesitations about the pool (as opposed to the grassy and linden tree-y park where it's been the last 2 years) as a venue, i have to say it was a good move. the booths were much closer together which created an atmosphere of high energy and fun, whereas the park imbued a lazier, strolling kind of vibe. thanks oodles to everyone who came out! and my ever-lovin' gratitude to george for making a new hodge podge banner, which never would have happened if she hadn't been willing to wield her Wonder Under superpowers!

the lovely jen of raeburn ink scored the pink and green leggings after battling with siri over them; they worked so well with the rest of her ensemble she couldn't take 'em off! and my dear kim also left wearing her new red hummingbird dress, and tells me she's already worn it 3 times this week...

this hot mom bought a whole outfit from us: a chartreuse bobbi T and hodge podge green leggings. and the wearer of this incredible needlepoint blouse left wearing a spectacularly matching/clashing sunhat! the hats were definitely my best seller this weekend; i think i sold around 14 of them. the blazing sun worked in my favor in that way at least...

the wraps were my second-best seller, and we had lots o' fun showing people how to wear them. this was one of the best, super-soft orange rib with the hummingbirds bleach print. you can also see the one lena bought here.

shayna also left wearing her new doily shirt, which fit like i made it for her! i love this shot with the cash in her hand!

i shared the booth with my cohort and fellow sapling barbara a.k.a. bobbi. she made the most gorgeous bags with native american embroideries on them; she loved them so much she was sad when she sold two of them! barbara played stylist with our mannequin and changed outfits every hour or two, whipping out these concoctions i never would have thought to put together. and somehow her outfits had the magical effect of causing everything to sell moments after being taken off the dress form!

and of course our neighboring booth was treehouse, who used their mad carny/flea market skillz to create a beautiful, cozy display with antique ironing boards and rugs on the floor. the ladies seemed to be loving siri and becky lee's jewels; i'll have to post a pic of the necklace i swapped for some leggings!

and on the other side was 31 corn lane so we were surrounded by good friends! we actually had 4 sapling booths all in a row, since next to treehouse was a.s.i.s. and raeburn ink.

here's erika wearing her own proudly re-fashioned summer top that she made out of a plaid ruffly blouse. she saved the day by picking up my first CSA delivery for me and even biked it all over to my apartment to put in my refrigerator! of course i shared the bounty with her for doing me such a fantastic favor. so we EACH ended up with a whole quart of strawberries, not to mention kale, snap peas, rhubarb, lettuce, eggs and even more that i can't remember...

here we all are, the ladies of Renegade 07! left to right: amy and sammy jo of 31 corn lane, me, barbara, angie of a.s.i.s., rebecca, siri, jen of raeburn ink, and i'm embarrassed to say i have no idea who that is at the end! please tell me if you know!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

spend some quality time on the porch!

the porch show at cinders is amazing! the opening was really fun but way too crowded for photos so i went back a few days later and took these. just look at that porch! and the grass-painted floor! and the swing! they've got all kinds of fun music shows planned all summer long, including 2 this weekend, both saturday and sunday nights with 3 bands each night; check the events page for all the details...

these dreamy watercolor forestscapes and day-glo stump sculpture are erika's...

...and i'm in love with these little luminescent squirrels that george made.

my crochet flowers are in front of the radiator, and next to sto's wooden ones.

this lovely porch swing was made by saviour scraps, the best swing-makers i've ever seen! that's brieana and jojo, two of the scrappers, swinging at the opening. i dream of one day having a porch to call my own, and when i do i hope i can commission these ladies to make me a swing too!