Thursday, August 31, 2006

yarn, skirt and bouquet

i finally did some spinning this week; it's been way too long since i sat at my wheel. i need to use up some wool if i plan to let myself go to sheep and wool this year! gertie just thinks my handspun makes a nice squishy bed...

and i finished the patchwork denim skirt i started in ohio. this one's for me to keep, and i've already worn it several times.

i don't normally buy cut flowers because i'd rather grow my own (one day!) but i got these from my CSA and they have made me so happy this week every time i walked into my kitchen. if you don't know about Community Supported Agriculture, it's a beautiful thing: you're buying a share in a local farm's bounty for the season, thus supporting local small farms which are an endangered species. every other week (i got a half-share) i pick up a giant bag of organic veggies, fruits, eggs and flowers.

elephant's trunk

went flea marketing again, this time to the elephant's trunk in connecticut with siri and rebecca. i fell in love with this sampler, but alas it was $65... i prolly coulda got it for about $40, and it would have been worth it, but i just didn't have that kind of cash to spend. i guess i'll have to MAKE one!

siri brought home this leopard-print chair, because it looked so good under her!

this monkey/bum may have been the scariest thing i saw...

and this pair of kittens wished they could be near each other to play... so now they are!
after we were shopped out, and the vendors were all packing up, we had lunch at The Hearth, which was the perfect place to hose down (it was pretty dusty at the flea) and fill up before the drive back to brooklyn!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

renegade revisited

my first sale of the weekend was this pin-tucked top to this girl; i was so happy i remembered to take a photo because she looked so beautiful in it!

elyse and her homegirls hangin' tough, wearing her brilliant knitted medallion T's.

my mannequin the first day... erika ended up buying this skirt later from treehouse.

rebecca trying on my cherry T and sunhat. she bought the top and tells me she gets all kinds of compliments while wearing it ;0)

kim trying on a treehouse T and hodge podge hat. she went home with both!

the lovely rebecca, a.k.a. becky lee, with her tempting array of jewels...

and the incomparable siri presided over our booth and kept us entertained!

i know it was way back in june, but that was before i started this so i never got to put up pics from from renegade, and it is definitely one of the highlights of my year! the weather started out with promise, but once we rounded noon the first day the temp got too high again, just like last year. still it was fun sharing our double-wide booth with fellow SAPLINGs siri and rebecca of treehouse, elyse, and nan. saturday we were ambitious enough to provide free strawberry-mint-rosewater lemonade, but after the traumatic thermos-leaking fiasco we did without on sunday.

Monday, August 14, 2006

more amigurumi

this was my very first ami, the one that got me 'hooked'! (ha ha, that's crochet humor...)
and this was my second; i made her for my friend george (who is an amazing artist) for her birthday. we shared a brief but intense obsession with the panda cam when baby su lin was first born, and we both have a thing for slippers. this little one has her own removable red dress and slippers...
here she is with gertie and my hand for size reference...if you want to see some truly inspiring work, check out gourmet amigurumi and the ami pool on flickr!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

sock it to me

on sunday i was hired to teach people to make sock critters at a free concert at McCarren Pool. sort of an odd experience, but any time you can get people hand sewing outdoors is fine with me; it was really fun, and lots of beautiful creatures were born!
also, the most exciting part of the day was that a past customer showed up wearing one of my shirts! she got it at renegade last year (05) and says it's her favorite shirt and she wears it all the time! i was thrilled to be able to take a photo of her wearing it since i always forget to do it when i'm selling stuff.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

home from home

i just got back from 10 days in cleveland, my hometown, where i visited with my mom, sis and nieces. when i am there i'm always very lazy... we eat a lot (my sister made me eggplant parmesan and pineapple upside-down cake!) and i catch up on cable tv while working on all those projects i never get around to during 'regular' life. one highlight was visiting this tree which is completely covered in crochet. i had seen it in pictures on the web but in person it was breathtaking!

i did this piece of filet crochet as a test, because i've never done filet before. it's supposed to be a rose but it's kind of hard to see. i felted it in the washer/dryer and i think it looks better now. i'm going to try piecing it into a shirt for fall...
i also made this little 'baby puppy' for my niece phoebe who turned 2 while i was there. she is my 3rd amigurumi and i suspect i will be making lots more in my lifetime.
the other projects i worked on were a crocheted hood/scarf combo which i still need to finish, a patchwork denim skirt which also needs a little more work, and what i think are the final squares for the granny-square shawl i've been working on for several months. i will post photos of all these when they're finished, and i'm hoping that saying that will motivate me to do that right away. i need to get started on the fall collection of hodge podge...