Thursday, September 07, 2006

perfect weekend

i had just about the best Labor Day weekend i could have wished for! i went up to hudson to my friends colleen and alon's house, which has become one of my favorite retreats from the city. we went to an organic sheep farm where we saw lots of new baby lambs, and bought several kinds of amazing cheese (and ginger yogurt!) from the self-serve cheese store in one of the barns.

we also visited countrywool, an angora bunny farm and yarn store located deep in the backroads of hudson. quite an impressive selection; i bought some heavenly hand-carded 40% angora, 60% wool fiber to spin, and colleen got some yarn to make a throw.

and because i can never get enough of the critters, we also visited the columbia county fair! i grew up going to my local fair in ohio, and even got to sleep at the fair the years i was in 4-H for horses. the best things i saw here were these chickens where every white feather is perfectly outlined in black in a completely unnatural-looking but beautiful way, and these sheep wearing coats to keep their fleeces clean before the judging!

back at the house, i re-introduced colleen to the latent crochet skills she's been repressing for years. she wants to make a very modern and sophisticated blanket for the house. i finished this hooded scarf and started two others; of course i am already behind schedule for the fall collection. inexplicably, both of us got dressed that morning in nearly identical shades of lemon and lime, and didn't even notice until halfway through the day!

and because colleen's passion is for baking and cooking, we ate scrumptious food all weekend long; i should have taken pictures but at every meal, my camera was the furthest thing from my mind. she baked peanut butter cookies and a plum galette (fancy for a peasant-style tart)!

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Anonymous said...

i love the sheeps pj's so cool
i want critter heaven in my back yard.

see you sunday