Wednesday, September 20, 2006

taza taza

this is the new show at the freshly relocated new improved little cakes. the artists are the argentinian duo Guillermina Baiguera and Julian Gatto and their work is so sweet and lovely; my photos do not do it justice at all.

here is their artists' statement for the show:

"We all share the memory of a special spot in our family's attic or basement filled with forgotten junk. There, as children, we played and by mere chance found little hidden treasures, things that would arouse our curiosity or delight us with its generous beauty.

Today we still find these long-forgotten objects. They are in the store fronts of lazy neighborhoods, their understated beauty covered by dust. They have no price tag and many are no longer manufactured. This negligence somehow makes them strangely more powerful and fragile at the same time.

We cannot ignore them or escape from them. Both the things we once found and the ones we find today inspire us. They have come from our memories (and yours too) to join the things that already inspire us: flowers, trees, fabrics, music, fantastic whims."

my favorite elements of the show are their exquisitely tiny embroidered pieces. the painstakingly miniature stitches seem like they must be from another time...

alice and moriah of feral childe were at the preview, looking resplendent in their own clothing.

the delicacy of their paintings and stitchwork is so beautiful and inspiring; i highly suggest you try to visit the show (up through september 30) in person so you can experience the loveliness up close. that's julian and guillermina above holding gertie.


erika said...

i love that show too! especially the gentle robot.

Julian said...

thanks for sharing your pictures and comments on the show Cal!
thanks for your comments too, erika!

see you guys around!