Saturday, September 30, 2006

spinning wool at little cakes

last weekend i taught a workshop in drop spindling at little cakes, because hanna is organizing a project to benefit the woodstock farm animal sanctuary, in which the wool from their sheep will be used to make decorations for the barns and coats for some of the animals. everyone took to spinning quite well and they were all making yarn in no time. i'll be teaching it again at make on november 1st if anyone's interested!

this is some of the yarn that resulted from the class. hanna and i had washed and dyed the raw wool (using natural food dyes) a few weeks earlier, so we had some nice colors to work with.

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Jo Ann Berger said...

Hi Ms. Cal! I finally checked out your blog. I love seeing all of the beautiful things in your life. I am feeling very inspired. Thanks for giving me a heads up about your work. You are such a maestro. Love, love, the perpetual hugger, Jo Ann