Sunday, September 10, 2006

raised by wolves

on tuesday i went to the feral childe fashion show, which was spectacular. it was held in a loft over an electronics store on canal street, and a fun surprise was that the live music was by taigaa! i've known alice and moriah since 1998 when i opened my now-defunct store, patch 155, which i believe was the first place they ever sold their clothing. they have come so far, yet still exude a fresh spirit that's part art project, part performance. i loved the bright colors, girly, sexy-yet-comfy-looking dresses and their own hand-drawn prints.

here's siri with erin from sodafine, who looked lovely in her own fc dress. and after the show, erika, barbara, siri and i went out for bubble tea and snacks and a little shopping in chinatown...


Lena said...

thanks cal!
i was really bummed to miss another meeting, especially since it was at little cakes. i have plans for thrusday night, but i'm going to the sodafine party (thanks for reminding me!). i can introduce you to my new pup Otis. we got a mini dachshund boy over the weekend, and he is soooo sweet. but we're working on potty training- any advice? does gertie sleep with you at night?

Lena said...

ps-- have you seen pics from the marc jacobs spr show? i think you'd like it.