Wednesday, January 07, 2009

bye bye brooklyn

what a day!

my new year's eve was spent moving out of my brooklyn apartment, where i've lived for the last 6 years. it was not an easy move, physically, and i am forever indebted to all of my dear, generous, lovely friends who volunteered to give up part of their holiday to help, most of them coming both to help me pack AND on the actual moving day. i have a LOT of stuff. mostly fabric, yarn, and other supplies for making, which i stockpile and hoard. this is great when i need to do an impromptu project, but not so much when it comes time to move. i will spare you the miserable details, especially the part where, after a 4-hour drive (that should have taken 2) ending with a long curvy road over an icy mountain, we had to unload the truck (which took a team of 8 about 4 hours to load), just 2 of us, in the dark, in a blizzard, into my new upstate storage unit, where everything i own was covered with a half inch of fresh powder as we worked.

we were supposed to return to brooklyn that night, to return the truck and have a day of R and R before i came back up here for good. but instead we spent the last few hours of 2008 UPSTATE in a seedy motel.



Jennifer Johnson said...

Phew! I hate moving! But it is good to be moved and have a fresh start. Good luck on your new beginning.

cindy said...

Welcome to Upstate

We moved from SI in 2002 so I can relate

What town did you move too, we might be neighbors, imagine that?


jen said...

oh, that last bit is awful, isn't it?? but its so great when its done! congratulations!!!

pomly said...

Congrats on making your dream come true! How far up upstate did you move?

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I spent 20 years in upstate NY - Poolville (which is a tiny hamlet near Hamilton which is about 30 minutes south of Syracuse).

I'm not sure there ARE any motels upstate that AREN'T seedy. As I remember it, it's the world of B&B's.