Friday, January 16, 2009

rug bee

this week's tutorial is on making rag rugs out of old tees; see it over here. this whole month the projects on CraftStylish are all about making from recycled materials, and there's some way cool stuff!!! i've always been a big fan of braided rag rugs, but the braiding and then hand-stitching always seemed tedious (and painful!). but then i discovered that you can crochet rugs out of scraps and they look almost the same, and i've been hooked (sorry, can't help it) ever since. i would love to have a rug bee this weekend where everyone brings over some scraps, and we all work them into our rugs. anyone wanna come?


cfesta9 said...

Awesome!! Hit me up at I may have something you are interested in!! take care -charlie festa

PROVINS said...

Looks really cool.. very inspirational.. Think I will start making some :-)