Tuesday, January 01, 2008


happy new year!
this is a mural near my house that i pass nearly every morning on my way to the Y. i saw it in progress while the girl who lives there was painting it, and it's made me happy ever since...

i am feeling very optimistic about this 2008. it occurred to me in the past week that 10 years ago, in 1998, i was 29 and determined to fulfill my dream of opening a store that year, before i turned 30 (and i did open patch 155 in september '98). well here i am, a decade later, just turned 39 and now it's time to fulfill the farm fantasy! i have been talking about moving upstate for like 7 (8? 9?) years, saying i'd probably do it in '2 or 3 years'. enough! then i realized that my birth year is 1968, so obviously the eights are good years for me! thus my new motto is... (drumroll) UPSTATE IN '08!

anyway, these are some goals for this auspicious New Year:

- to strengthen and develop sources of income that can be accessed regardless of location, such as online sales, magazine work, wholesale business, and textile design swatches

- to FINALLY get my actual website up and running, with archives of my work, services and classes i offer, etc. (this blog was started as a temporary place-holder until the site was ready, HA!) my friend xine and i have worked out a bartering deal (website for clothes) i just have to start putting together all the info she needs from me...

- to post here more regularly: i plan to assign each day a category, like 'etsy shop of the week', 'inspiring makers', 'works in progress', etc.

- to get, as george says, 'better, stronger, faster'! in other words, to work more efficiently, manage time better, be more organized, and procrastinate less. i am fully aware that we all think these same thoughts every new year, but does that mean we shouldn't try?

- to continue on the path toward eating more whole, organic, and local (and therefore seasonal) foods. i just finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and it is making me even a little more fanatical than i already was... i actually think i am going to give up bananas!


kayte said...

wow! that mural has really come a long way since i lived there!
i have been talking about moving for a long time too. i think for us, it will be more of a two year plan. we're thinking either western mass or providence.

Jessica said...

I like your idea of assigning each day a category. I think that'd really help inspire me to write daily. Plus your categories sound great!

I wanna be more organized this year too.

Happy '08!