Monday, September 08, 2008

new wraps in the shop

i've been adding some new wraps in the shop, and more are on their way. these are all the lighter-weight cotton ones (plus one rayon/lycra, which is super soft and luxe! it's the cocoa-colored one at the top), but the woolly ones are coming later this month.

also, i'm still adding to the SALE category, clearing out old stock. i've got some sweatshirts in there too, so it's not all summer stuff. take a peek!

finally, a word about this model i've been using a lot lately: please don't be too hard on her! she's not my first choice, by any means. but her rate can't be beat, and she's always available at a moment's notice, so for now, you'll be seeing a lot of her ;n)
i always wonder which of my favorite Etsy and eBay shops' models are really the sellers!

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