Tuesday, September 09, 2008

crochet edging tutorial

my second post for Craft Stylish goes live today! it's a step-by-step primer on how to add a crochet edge to nearly any sewn garment, whether a neckline, cuff or hem. this is a great way to finish off your own projects, or to customize old clothes and give them a new life. i love how it gives a vintagey, handmade touch to even a plain old T-shirt. please let me know if you try it, and i'd love to see your versions!

and if you missed the first one (how to sew a classic T-shirt neckband) you can find it here.


Renee' said...

oooooooook, Found you on you tube :) Looking for how to crochet a trim around a t-shirt, so far so good lol. Thanks :)I am using one of my hubbys t-shirts before i go attacking one of mine LOL> Should I stick with a medium that i wear or go a size smaller?

hodge podge said...

hi renee! you should use the size of t-shirt that you would normally wear, as the fit won't change. have fun!