Friday, September 05, 2008

Craft Stylish debut

i am immensely proud to report that i am now a contributor to CraftStylish, an online blog and a print magazine published by Taunton Press, the people behind Threads (of which i am a longtime fan!). my first post is a tutorial on how to sew a t-shirt neckband, which is something i am often asked how to do in my sewing and patternmaking classes. i'll be posting weekly, with more tutes on sewing, crochet, and other related projects. i'm in good company with the likes of kayte terry, linda permann, nicole smith, and those are just the ones i know! if you haven't checked out CS before, it's a cornucopia of articles and news on all things crafty, so please do take a gander, and leave a comment if you like my piece...

1 comment:

valerie said...

hey cal! that's awesome! you're tutorial is great too--and i'm sure very helpful to those who don't have sergers. before i got mine, i remember thinking knits were off-limits. but no! the zig zag! the wonderful zig zag.

also, the 15% trick is very handy. way better than guessing. oh! did i say that out loud? i never guess. math always. yes!