Sunday, October 29, 2006

what i brought home

ok, here's my haul: fiber (upper left) and yarn (lower right) are from steam valley. i gave really close-up pics to show you the delicate intricacies of color, especially in that merino yarn! i always like multi-colored yarns over solids because they keep me excited as i crochet; one solid color can get so boring after hours and hours... at the festival i was in a total color rut for the first few hours; everything i bought was in the colors of the sweater i was wearing-- pinks and oranges with hints of light green-- so when i arrived at the sheep shed i took advantage of their diverse color assortment and low prices and bought 7 bundles of roving from them. i ran into the patron saint of young knitters/crocheters, debbie stoller in front of a booth i had never paid much attention to before, the bronze cat, but she told me it's one of her favorites and now it's one of mine too; they carry antique spinning wheels, books and sewing notions and that's where i acquired the vintage 70's spinning book and strawberry pincushion. the goodies in the lower left pic include some gorgeous batts of wool/angora/silk/viscose from crosspatch creations and merino/silk roving from carolina homespun. can't wait to spin all this stuff but first i have to use up all my fiber from last year...!

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