Friday, October 06, 2006

crochet incorporated

i love crochet. and i love sewing. so for this fall i am trying to combine the two... utilising the advantages of both. crochet is so labor-intensive (and therefore expensive) so allover crochet garments are pretty much out of the question for selling. but little bits of crochet on a sewn piece lend a hand-wrought, one of a kind quality that hodge podge is all about. i'm working on my fall collection, and am totally behind schedule as usual (how does it happen every season?) but i hope to deliver new stuff to the stores in the next 2 weeks. the pink, blue, and sleeveless ivory shirts above are ones i did last spring when i first started experimenting with the idea, and the long-sleeved fleecy ivory one is the inspiration for fall. the yarn on that one is some of my handspun, which i have barely ever used because it seems so 'precious'... a sentiment i really must get over!

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