Wednesday, November 01, 2006

fall, at last!

finally i've made some new clothing and delivered it to sodafine (next post will be all about williamsburg's cutest new shop!) nearly a month after my self-imposed deadline of october 1st. this is one of my biggest goals: to start working on each season WAY earlier than i do and actually produce a quantity of pieces so that i am prepared when the season begins. what usually happens is more like: a few months before the season i think 'i should probably get started, but it seems so early! i've got plenty o' time...' and then things come up-- freelance jobs, personal projects, sheep and wool fests-- and next thing i know i'm playing catch-up and stressing out.

i am pretty happy with how these turned out; i have been envisioning them since late last winter. since it would be impossible to crochet entire sweaters (i would never get them done and they'd be like $500 wholesale) the idea of incorporating small details of it seemed practical. two of these even use my own handspun yarn. i like to make clothes that are warm and cozy but still appealing, which seems to be a rare concept!

does this red shirt look familiar? it's made with the filet piece i made back in july in ohio, when time seemed so plentiful! i really like this shirt; the seam actually hits above the bustline but my mannequin's chest is way too high. i need to get a real one as her body shape is completely off.

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Lena said...

these are beautiful cal!!
my favs are the two red ones.