Wednesday, October 18, 2006

garden of eve

sunday i went with 30-odd fellow members of my CSA to the farm our vegetables come from, garden of eve. it is such a beautiful place, and makes me feel so good about supporting a small organic family-run farm. above are farmers chris, eve and their son forrest.

this is what free range should look like!

there is nothing quite like standing in a field, plucking vegetables from the earth, and popping them in your mouth. i only wish i could do it every day...

have you ever seen such beautiful bok choy? and those mustard greens are hotter than wasabi!

the 'room' below is where they wash and pack the veggies before bringing them to the market. and that washer in the far corner is where they spin the salad greens dry!


Anonymous said...

the farm looks so amazing..did gertie get to hang with the mini farm creatures?

estee said...

that photograph of you with the chicken is AMAZING! (they all are!)

love forever said...

oh how lovely! adam and i are joining the garden of eve csa for the winter! how cool that you actually got to go there and see the farm for yourself.