Tuesday, June 30, 2009


little by little i'm getting it together...

i have always wanted to enclose a little bonus present into the packages i send out for etsy orders. i like the idea of sachets because opening a package and smelling the scent of lavender before you even see what's in there just seems like such a nice treat! so last week i finally started making some and one lucky customer in the UK was the first to get one with her purchase. i had fun playing with the embroidery function on my machine, which i rarely use. from now on some kind of small 'thank you' gift will be tucked into every envelope i send... i have plans for moth-repelling herbs for my woolens, and another kind of surprise for the dog slings.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely idea. Except for those of us who are allergic to lavender

I'll make sure to specify rosemary for my package :)

This recipe looks amazing: