Thursday, June 18, 2009

belltower market

hey catskills and hudson valley peeps! come check out hodge podge handmade clothes at the new arts & crafts market in rosendale, new york: BELL TOWER MARKET. i'll be there both days hocking my wares, and i'd love to see you! they are still seeking vendors too (this is happening every weekend through the summer) so if you're a maker in the area, get in touch with the organizers at otherwise please help spread the word to anyone you know who lives or weekends in the vicinity! rosendale is one of my favorite little towns around here, and features a fantastic bakery, yummy restaurants, and cute shops.


*Emy said...

Hi Cal!,

Firstly I have to say LOVE your projects over at craft!!! THANK YOU for that!

I have kind of a random question, I'm not sure if I dreamed this or if this really happened. By chance were you featured in a magazine, in a article that showed how to make a tunic? If so what magazine was it and what month. I keep thinking I need to get that magazine but then can't remember if this really exists or if I just dreamed it up. I know I probably sound crazy, and well at this point I'm okay with that!

hodge podge said...

hi emy!
i tried to look at your blog to leave you a comment there in response, but it's marked private. what a shame, i'd love to see what you do! maybe you'll *invite* me (hint, hint...) to see it. anyway, i hope you check back and get this! your dream is true, i believe you're recalling this: