Tuesday, June 09, 2009

oh renegade you had it made

woot woot! renegade 2009 was the. best. ever. i shared a tent with my pal jen of raeburn ink and we were a frenzy of activity the entire time.

for five years we have all waited for the weather to cooperate, and this year it finally did! when it is 90 degrees and 500% humidity (as the past four fairs have been, with occasional downpours), NO ONE feels like trying on clothes. but this weekend was in the seventies, with a cool breeze blowing, and it was like a miracle. i sold every short-sleeved smock dress i made, plus most of the long-sleeved ones. thanks mama nature! i knew you were my friend.

and most importantly, THANK YOU to everyone who came out and said hello, and if you bought something from me, you have my undying and infinite gratitude! when you buy from independent makers, it really does mean the world to us.

here i am hand-delivering my favorite linen crochet-yoked smock to the lovely joi of stereoette, who adopted it. i'm so glad it went to a good home! i look a little insane but renegade kind of does that to me...

there's joi with her new dress, and another sweet customer who came back on sunday wearing the one she bought saturday. i love happy customers!

here are two more: emma with the shirt that's been 'waiting' for her, and teeter of 31 corn lane with wiggles in her new sling!

across the way were my buddies siri of treehouse and kayte of love forever's booth. i caught siri and gertie smooching between the tents...

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Lena said...

i'm so glad to hear that it was the best this year! yippee for great weather and great sales!
i didn't make it and now i'm kicking myself... i get overwhelmed at the big sales and i almost passed out last year from the heat. but i should have known that with the perfect weather it would be a whole different experience. i love the smock dresses so much cal!