Monday, December 29, 2008

crazy snow

did anyone else see the 10 minutes of crazy snow we had in nyc two weeks ago, it must have been the 17th i think (just uploaded my photos today...)? i have never seen anything like it: the flakes were like feathers, or leaves... they were HUGE, like 1-2" across, but paper thin. i know the photos don't show it very well, but the best clue is on the roof in the lower right corner of the photo on the right: those white things ARE THEM! i think it must be a good omen...

anyway, i am back from cleveland. had a lovely, cozy, snowy, cookie-fueled holiday with the family, and now i am in the throes of packing because i MOVE TOMORROW! i can't really believe it myself; the past month has been a blur with craft sales, traveling and packing, but it's really happening. can't wait until the 1st, when i can crash and stay in bed all day ;n)


Lena said...

yes!! it was the prettiest snow i've ever seen. i tried to take photos too, but it was so hard to capture.

good luck with the move cal!


erin said...

i tried to take photos of that crazy snow also, but had no luck whatsoever! it was like gobs of cotton candy falling from the sky. or, cartoon snow... i felt like i was in the middle of a peanuts christmas special!
i know i speak for many in brooklyn when i say that you will be missed very very much. but i'm super excited to hear more about your new home!