Monday, December 22, 2008

muse: pippi longstocking

i was reminded this week (by this spritely fashionista) that i've been meaning to do a post about one of my all-time fave style icons: pippi longstocking. i love her so much that i actually have a tattoo of her! (sorry i can't show it to you now.) i mean really, who amongst us HASN'T ever dressed as pippi for halloween? though she was first created in 1944, her spunk, irreverant sense of style, herculean strength, disdain for adults, and complete lack of self-consciousness, (not to mention her very cool pets) all make her one of the best role models i know of to this very day. and i'm pretty sure she made her own clothes...

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Rosetung said...

your POV is so unique and refreshing- i love it! Pippi?! yea!
thanks so much for adding me to your Etsy favorites. i see you make a point of promoting other "hookers" (hehe, surprisingly, i have not heard this nickname before!) via your favorites here.
loving' that community mentality :) you pretty much kick ass don't you? ;)
love that drapey navy top in your shop.
cheers, j.