Thursday, November 06, 2008

mending with crochet

did you catch my recent CraftStylish post about mending a sweater hole with crochet? i love creative repairs that leave the original in a better state than before the hole or stain! i had totally stopped wearing my favorite (did i mention it's cashmere?) hoodie because of the giant (and growing) elbow hole, but now i love it even more.

this sweater is a showcase of such techniques because the first time i wore it, a White-Out pen EXPLODED all over me. most would have considered the sweater ruined and thrown it away (trust me, that stuff does NOT come out!) but i saw it as an invitation for further embellishment, and embroidered french knots all over the white splash...
so next time you damage something, before you toss it, see if you can mend it in an interesting way!

1 comment:

Callie said...

I love this project, I've got a sweater with elbow holes (also favorite cashmere) I've been meaning to do this to forever. Thanks for the reminder and tutorial. U R so smart!