Wednesday, November 19, 2008

all-crochet etsy mini!

i keep forgetting to mention that for the rest of this month and all of december, in keeping with my pro-crochet campaign, my *etsy mini* that features my 'faves' (as opposed to the one that shows items from my shop, at top right) is gonna be ALL CROCHET ALL THE TIME. i don't know if anyone even notices it down there in the sidebar, but it's always there, showcasing a constantly evolving group of my favorite things for sale on etsy at any given moment. i will try to keep it freshly updated and remove things as they sell, too!

also, this week the lovely etsian julie (queen of the Labs) wrote an article about warm winter crochet and knit accessories in the Storque, and featured lil' old moi in the big photo! yay!

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