Sunday, April 22, 2007

sprung at last!

the first batch of spring 07 hodge podge is out the door... hooray! 14 pieces (all tunics and wraps-- i'll post the rest over the next few days) made their debut at treehouse and sodafine last thursday, and a few more will be delivered to lingo later this week. i feel such a relief, yet this was just the beginning of all i plan to do this season... skirts are next.

all of these tunics incorporate doilies; most are the vintage ones i've been scooping up at flea markets but the peach one below and the orange and red one at the bottom of this post are ones i made.


Jessica said...

I am loving the last piece you posted. It is quite beautiful.

I am opening an online boutique in October and was wondering if you would be interested in contributing some exclusive pieces for the shop. Please e-mail me when you get a chance and check out my blog.

Nichola said...

These are fabulous! I've been looking into incorporating crochet into my creations recently.

Anonymous said...

I'm wanting to incorporate some beautiful crochet doilies into a wedding dress. Any advice on how to use them as a tasteful decoration on the bodice? I noticed that one of your doilies looked like it have a pie-piece wedge which was indented nicely to accomodate the dip in the center front of the was that made?

Thanks for posting these. It was tough finding examples of using doilies in clothing.

hodge podge said...

hi anonymous, don't know if you'll get this but there was no way to contact you. most of the doilies i use are vintage so i work with the shapes i get. you can't cut doilies or they'll unravel. some of them i do make into the shape i want, but most likely you'll work with old ones i assume? you just have to look for ones that will work for the area you want to place them. good luck!