Tuesday, July 25, 2006

flea market scores

ok, these are most of what i brought home:
this little box of patches, which was $1 for the whole thing. i really just wanted the one that says 'ICE KING' for my bf who truly is king of the rink. but this lady really wanted to get rid of stuff, so i got them all!

i got way more doilies than this; probably about 30 to 40. many of the booths had '$1 tables' and these were usually doilies, napkins, tea towels, etc. i love it when the stuff i want is low on the totem pole of desireability for most people. so i scored, since this was the main reason i went! now, you may be thinking 'what on earth does she do with all these doilies?' all i can say for now is, you'll have to be patient!

i love this little group of red things, all from the same lady. $9 for the lot, not that it was a lot until i compiled it! i think she made the quilted pin cushion, or one of her friends did, because there was a whole pile of them...

this printing stamp was the most expensive thing i bought ($12). but the man who sold it to me did the loveliest demonstration for me of how to print with it, first by hand and then with his mini printing press, that i decided it was worth it for the performance.

this red dotted-swiss dress is so sweet. someone made it by hand but never got to finishing the neckline... we'll see if i ever do. but for $5 i couldn't resist.

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