Monday, April 30, 2007

more more more

this group completes my first delivery of spring pieces; time to start the next batch! but first this week i'm working on my outfit for siamese twins in the Cherry Blossom Circus this friday at secret project robot, the kickoff to Williamsburg Fashion Weekend 2007. i'll post all the details later in the week, swear!

these tunics are my first group that use a technique i've been thinking about for a while: self-fabric crochet, meaning that the crochet at the neckline is made using thin cut strips of the same fabric that the tunic is cut from. i'm still working out the kinks; it's tricky to keep the neckline laying flat, and the strips have to be cut extremely thin to keep the crochet from getting too thick. but i am pretty happy with the results so far...

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purldrop said...

yes, please!