Thursday, January 04, 2007

resolution #1

make something every day! in 30 minutes. start to finish. i haven't totally fine-tuned the rules, but so far, so good!

this was yesterday's project (jan 3rd). ok, so it's just an old thrifted philly fire dept T to wear to the gym, but i perfected this knitted waistband technique i've been meaning to try. all you do is cut little slits in the shirt and then knit them together and it looks so cool! plus it gathers the waist in nicely...

i got a new dress form! well, she's on semi-permanent loan from a friend. she needs a little reconstructive surgery (she did time at FIT in a past life) but i like her. so this was today's project... a wool jersey top made from pieces that were just laying around; no cutting!

the best thing about this project-a-day plan is that it just might get me posting every day, or at least every other. we'll see.


alisa said...

i love the knitted waistband technique... i also love no cutting shirt. i'll call you really soon! xo,

Anonymous said...

wow cal! awesome waistband...xo, erika


HOW ON EARTH did you do that? AMAZING so wanna do it...the crafting projects NEVER END.