Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy new year!

yay! it's finally january. i have been waiting for months to get here! the sales are over and i can focus on all of the projects i have been putting off forever, because since august i've only been allowed to make thing to sell. i am feeling extremely inspired and excited about moving forward and putting all of my resolutions in action. but i will post more about those later...

these are some pics from the 2nd sale i did, the one organized by sodafine. i wish i took more photos of the space itself (a gorgeous old bank, one block from the east river) and some of the other amazing stuff being sold, but i never did. i did really well with the wool wraps i made, (that's a purple one on the mannequin above). and i finally made a couple of fleece dog pouches like the one i carry gertie around in all the time, and actually sold one.

kelie from
cinders and i did a swap: this hood for one of her lovely paintings that i had been dreaming about since her opening. it's not this one, but this is another one i like from the gallery's website.

my other best seller besides the wraps were dog sweaters; who could resist with gertie doing such a good job modelling on the table? there was nearly a scuffle over this dotted sweater; two people wanted it but fortunately it only fit one of the dogs!

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