Thursday, January 18, 2007

it's a jungle in here

the sky has been pretty grey in brooklyn this week, and the temperature has finally dropped to somewhere in the vicinity of normal. but inside my apartment, the overly-efficient radiators keep the climate at around 80 degrees, and i don't complain! my sewing table is sort of a jungle and it makes me very happy to work with green leaves and a few blooms around me! here are 2 more of my 'quickies', a yoga mat bag (which i have needed since starting back to yoga in november) and a simple little t-shirt with waistband.

this is a longer project i did this week; i pulled this embroidered hanky (napkin?) out of my treasure chest and built a shirt around it. i want to do more like this for spring as i have collected hundreds of vintage textile bits and bobs. i love using pin-tucks to create shape through the waist without seams.


purldrop said...

OOOhhhh! love the new hanky top!

alisa said...

i love this! i have so many georgeous hankies, i may have to commission you!!!