Thursday, August 17, 2006

renegade revisited

my first sale of the weekend was this pin-tucked top to this girl; i was so happy i remembered to take a photo because she looked so beautiful in it!

elyse and her homegirls hangin' tough, wearing her brilliant knitted medallion T's.

my mannequin the first day... erika ended up buying this skirt later from treehouse.

rebecca trying on my cherry T and sunhat. she bought the top and tells me she gets all kinds of compliments while wearing it ;0)

kim trying on a treehouse T and hodge podge hat. she went home with both!

the lovely rebecca, a.k.a. becky lee, with her tempting array of jewels...

and the incomparable siri presided over our booth and kept us entertained!

i know it was way back in june, but that was before i started this so i never got to put up pics from from renegade, and it is definitely one of the highlights of my year! the weather started out with promise, but once we rounded noon the first day the temp got too high again, just like last year. still it was fun sharing our double-wide booth with fellow SAPLINGs siri and rebecca of treehouse, elyse, and nan. saturday we were ambitious enough to provide free strawberry-mint-rosewater lemonade, but after the traumatic thermos-leaking fiasco we did without on sunday.

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becky lee said...

as much as i love the renegade pics, i'm patiently waiting for even more hodge podge entries...more please:)