Thursday, August 31, 2006

elephant's trunk

went flea marketing again, this time to the elephant's trunk in connecticut with siri and rebecca. i fell in love with this sampler, but alas it was $65... i prolly coulda got it for about $40, and it would have been worth it, but i just didn't have that kind of cash to spend. i guess i'll have to MAKE one!

siri brought home this leopard-print chair, because it looked so good under her!

this monkey/bum may have been the scariest thing i saw...

and this pair of kittens wished they could be near each other to play... so now they are!
after we were shopped out, and the vendors were all packing up, we had lunch at The Hearth, which was the perfect place to hose down (it was pretty dusty at the flea) and fill up before the drive back to brooklyn!

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love forever said...

ooh, i went to stormville this weekend! very windy but i got amazing fabric and buttons.
this is kayte by the way. i like your blog.