Thursday, July 09, 2009


i just learned from a secret source how to make my own 'faux' etsy treasuries so here is my first! i have been somewhat obsessed with terrariums on and off since i was a little girl, when i used to have a hermit crab in one. my most distinct memory of that is being told that you can feed a hermit crab ANYTHING (not at all true i'm sure) so i remember putting an Oreo in there. you can imagine what happened... the crab was not interested in the Oreo (!) and it got moldy.

anyway, despite my obsession i've never actually made a terrarium (except for the quickie i whipped up here), but when i find my real home i plan to have lots and lots. compiling these was a fun way to pretend i was actually making my own... aren't they lovely?


Anonymous said...

total coincidence - just found these directions to making your own terrarium:

Jennifer Johnson said...

What a lovely collection. Makes me want to go find some moss and something to put it in.