Saturday, July 11, 2009

picked my own

we are surrounded by 'pick your own' farms so yesterday gertie and i and our friend jenn went blueberry and black raspberry picking. hallelujah! you may recall that i'm a big fan of the blueberry picking. really, i can't recommend it highly enough if you get the chance. we discovered a volunteer patch of black raspberries here on the farm but it's hard to get enough at once to do anything but pop them right in your mouth. we have red raspberries too in the garden, as well as peas, collards, broccoli, and plenty of lettuce. the radishes are done and the carrots are still growing.

in other news, gert and i both have a nasty case of poison ivy! disgusting stuff; i had no idea it was this bad. i kind of want to show you a photo but i think you don't really want to see it. trust me.


Christine said...

ohmygosh! get better soon!

Sónia Augusto said...

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