Wednesday, May 06, 2009

spring shop update

little by little i am posting new spring pieces to the shop! it feels really good to finally have some new work for sale, as the shop has been filled with wintry crochet hats and old spring (still on sale!) clothes that i am just so tired of looking at. and yet they say we should not forget the denizens down under, but i just don't want to keep the cold weather gear in the shop year round! what's an etsy seller to do? i wish we could put items in special sections and not have them on the main shop page too, but it's not the case.

anyway, i am really into the smock tunic style (top row), which is the same one you may remember from this incident. but i am making a bunch in lighter-weight fabrics and with shorter sleeves for spring/summer. i wear mine all over town and people keep telling me they love it, so i'm taking that as a good sign!

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