Wednesday, May 13, 2009

forty new babies

yesterday i had 31 passengers in my car. one was wearing a blue polka-dot sweater, and the other thirty were safely and snugly tucked in a cardboard box:

they are three-day-old baby guinea hens and just about the tiniest and sweetest things ever. i got them settled into their new home, and they seem to like it so far... they sleep in a mass of entangled necks and legs, keeping warm under the heat lamp. it was very cold last night (36 degrees!) and i was rather worried, but they were all doing fine this morning.

for now they are in a separate box from the ten baby chicks that came to the farm last week, a motley crew of assorted size and color:

i can't wait to watch them all grow up!


Hanna said...

Cory & Wally got more Guinea Hens??? That's going to be a huge flock!

pomly said...

They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Good. Grief.

They are adorable.... I would definitely be obsessing over them because I couldn't get enough of that cuteness!

jen said...


love forever said...

oh my goodness! the cuteness!