Friday, March 06, 2009

sock love

i've got a thing for socks. knee socks, in particular. i have a lot of them; kind of a collection, if you will. i have socks i love so much that i've never even worn them. and socks are one of the few things i knit (usually i prefer to crochet). i have only knit about 3 pairs of socks, and i have never worn any of them, because the thought of wearing out the toes or heels just horrifies me. since knee socks are the ultimate style for me, and working the traditional way (top-down) is tricky because you don't know how long you can go and not run out of yarn before reaching the toe (not a disastrous thing, in my opinion, because a random-colored toe seems like a fun feature in a sock) i am a toe-up girl all the way. and now i've discovered a toe-up crochet sock pattern which is pretty darn cool. so, above you have my not-quite-finished toe-up crochet socks.

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jackson's mom said...

Cal- Your winter adventure looks magical- cozy and warm with sweet Gertie by your side. Nice to "see" you..xoxo