Friday, March 20, 2009

button it!

march has been button month over on CraftStylish, and i've been busy making all kinds of projects with my button stash! it's been fun because i don't usually use button closures in my clothes, but i have a ton o' vintage buttons that i hoard, saving them for their special moment. and quite possibly, this may have been it! my projects have been a crocheted button charm necklace, monogramming with buttons, and how to sew a buttonhole by hand. interestingly, my hand-sewn buttonhole tutorial caused quite a stir in the comments, with some old-schoolers claiming that my buttonhole just doesn't cut the mustard, and many more coming to my defense. i chose to stay on the sidelines, but it's been an amusing show! i only wish we could see some of the experts' buttonholes, but none seem able to produce an example...

1 comment:

floresita said...

Ha ha, I chimed in on the comments just now - I love the finger-waggers! :)

Perhaps we should scold them for their inability to upload photos? I still think all the comments must have been one (very cranky) older person.