Sunday, July 20, 2008

bathing suit, andros chapter 5

one fun thing about my trip to andros was that i made my own bathing suit! i have been in need of one for years, so a few weeks before the trip, i decided i should try to find one. i went to one of the big closeout stores (ok, Daffy's) and everything was super cheesy, or just kind of 'eh'. so i looked on etsy, and saw lots of great stuff, but all pretty expensive and i just won't be wearing a suit enough to justify spending like $100 on it. plus, the styles i like are really so simple, so eventually i realized i could, and should, just make it! it's basically a crochet-edged reversible cotton/lycra tank top, with some reversible matching shorts (i just chopped off my leggings pattern). a tankini! then i cut a big piece of the brown, and used it as a sarong skirt/shawl/sun-shielder, and i'd have to say it was quite a success, imho! i don't know why i don't seem to have more pics of it, except that all of my photos were taken by me, so i'm not usually in them. maybe next year i will make some to sell... what do you think?


Anonymous said...

i would totally buy one!!!!!

Your Secret Admiral said...

That's gorgeous, Cal! I love it and I would totally buy one. I have been on a fruitless swimsuit mission forever.