Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DIY wrap-up

the DIY salon at MAD was super fun and crowded! look at this great on-the-spot embroidered skirt...

fortunately the fabulous kayte was there as a volunteer, so i convinced her to hang out at my table where we made embroidered fabric button pins. i never could have done it without her! many tiny masterpieces were made and i WISH i could have photographed them all, but we were so swamped i never managed to get my camera out of the bag. i will take a pic of the ones i made at least...

every table had a different project, including embroidered shrinky-dinks, stitching on paper, and you could even 'embroider' your own mini cupcake!

***addendum: i forgot to thank callie, mary and michelle for lending me their photos! see more here and here. and if anyone out there sends me a closeup photo of your embroidered button, i'll love you forever and post it here for the world to see!

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