Thursday, December 13, 2007

last chance!

this saturday, 12/15 will be your last chance to see the hodge podge traveling shop, where you can fondle the goods (and gertie!) live and in person. come by and say 'hi' if you're in the neighborhood; we'd love to see you! i will be sharing a space with the super rad callie of church of craft fame and glory. note: gertie and i won't actually be there in the flesh until 1:45 or 2, so if it's us you want, come a little later in the afternoon ;o)

for the full list of participating designers, with links and pics of their work, look over here...

1 comment:

alisa said...

cal, why don't you have any of your wooly wraps for sale on your etsy page? i really, really, really want one!!!! the kimono special wraps with the bow in the back and that looks so comfy and i love them so much! please! i'm begging you!!!!!!!!

hope you have a good christmas!