Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the sky fell

last week i had a mini catastrophe; i opened the door to my bathroom and this is what i saw:

all i can say is, thank goodness i wasn't sitting on the toilet when it happened! there were chunks of cement, rocks, wet sand and heavy sodden drywall; it definitely could have knocked me out. apparently a slow drip upstairs just soaked the entire ceiling until it was so heavy it had to come down. this was actually the third time in my life that a ceiling has fallen in my home, and the first two times i WAS in the room when it happened! i feel like chicken little! fortunately my super patched the hole back up the next morning and removed all the debris from my sink drain... but i still haven't moved everything back in yet!

p.s. that's my hand-crocheted wall-to-wall carpet under the rubble. of course, my bathroom floor is only about 3' x 3' so it didn't take long to make!


Lena said...

oh my god cal!

kaitlyn said...

oh no! Thank god you weren't in there... sounds like you weren't even home and therefor spared the suspense of "what the fuck made THAT noise???" Hope everything is clean again :)

Candice said...

Oh my poor thing, what a mess!!!! Definitely a good thing you weren't in the room!