Saturday, October 27, 2007

sheep and wool

last weekend i attended the 2007 New York State Sheep & Wool Festival. phylleri needed a little help since she had a double booth where she sold her lovely hand-dyed yarn and roving, as well as two angora goat kids to show, a doe named tilly and a buck named tommy.

phylleri showed tilly herself, but when it came time for the buck kid's class, she was busy at her booth and told me to go ahead and get tommy ready, and if she wasn't there in time to take him into the ring. so tommy and i were on our own, and basically all i did was manage to get him out of his pen, into the show ring, and back into his pen successfully, but somewhere in there the judge seemed to think lil' tommy was a pretty fine specimen of angora goathood, and awarded him the second place ribbon!

of course there were also lots of sheep...

... bunnies, llamas and alpacas, and a very entertaining man who drove a team of draft horses around the grounds, one foot on each bare back. he reminded me of this guy, who i'd forgotten all about!
you can read more about the festival (and see another photo of phylleri and tilly!) in the NY Times article.

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