Tuesday, July 17, 2007

maker fairy-tale quilt

one day when i was teaching a class at the etsy labs, i noticed this quilt on the wall and got closer to take a better look... and fell in love! each panel shows a scene from a story of a girl who was inspired by some artisanal, organic handspun yarn, and then (with the help of etsy of course!) took her knitting from hobby to business, and how happy it makes her, not to mention the Planet Earth and siamese twins everywhere!

on the lower half of the quilt is the Dark World of corporate mass production with its chemical additives, polluting factories, greedy overlords ('sew faster, baby!') and evil 'enormostores' like Mall-Wart, all of which make the Planet Earth very, very sad...

click on the pics to see them in all of their detailed glory. these beautiful drawings were done by the talented doyenne of the labs, anda, and silkscreened and sewn by her and the other lab technicians.

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